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Monster Skatepark is currently closed awaiting approval to reopen from the relevant authorities. Rest assured that Monster will reopen as soon as possible with the retail shop and outside ramps including the VERT ramp, Spine Ramp and mini street course. Further updates will follow when more information is available.

Please refer to the Monster Skatepark Facebook and Instagram to get more up to date information about the reopening.

School Sport Term (Weekly)


This program can be tailored to meet the schedule of your school’s physical education curriculum. Coaches are professionally accredited and facilitate student learning within a prescribed series of lesson progressions. Responsibility is placed on the students to take initiative to achieve results upon a set series of progressions.

Since this program’s inception, it has been one of the highest rated among participants. Our program combines instruction with practice and guided self-discovery. Coaches implement successive skills, challenging all participants regardless of ability. Since its inception, our program has received the highest ratings from participants.

Cost: $6 per student (no coach), $10 including Helmet Hire 

School Sport/Youth Groups

Skateboarding, Freestyle BMX or Scooter as a school sport? Why not! Many Sydney schools have already participated in the Monster Academy Action Sports School Program! The Monster Academy will customise any program to suit the needs of your school's curriculum!

Cost: $20 per student

School Sport Experience (One Off)

The Skate/BMX Experience program is more of a ‘crash course’ in skateboarding or Freestyle BMX techniques and possibilities. This informal concept is designed around peak experience and combines the thrills of skating with a customised, unique perspective on physical movement. The School Sports Experience program is great if you are looking for a well deserved break from school or end of term activity.

Cost: $20 per student (min 15 students, max 25 students). All equipment is provided!

Please contact Monster Skatepark for further inquiries and to check availability.

Council and Community Programs

The Monster Academy Action Sports Program is a perfect community or vacation care group activity. This truly unique experience will be the talk of the town! The Monster Academy Actions Sports curriculum is dedicated to delivering high quality, certified instruction programs and ensures a full day of fun and activity! Participants in this program are introduced to action sports with accredited coaches and top of the line equipment. iSkate’s experience and safety record in delivering quality programs is unrivalled. We can customise any program to suit the needs of your after school, weekend, or vacation care agenda.

Coaches ensure that all participants, no matter what level of experience, are welcome.

Please contact Monster Skatepark for costs and to check availability.

Corporate PlayPKR_33

In today’s hectic work environment it is crucial that companies take a ‘time out’ and a ‘deep breath’ to remember ‘life is about having fun!’

Hard-working employees are the back bone of any successful operation and their dedication should be celebrated. Sure you could organise an outing to the pub or dinner (yawn) but does that really motivate people?

The Monster Academy Action Sports Corporate Program applies a holistic approach to corporate activity. The focus is on creating a positive environment through individual and team building skills. This positive environment is accomplished through facilitating trust, connecting people and building relationships. The program’s benefits also include physical exercise, nutrition and a transformed youthfulness!

Cost available on request. Please contact Monster Skatepark for more information.

For bookings call: 9763 7359