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Safety & Rules

Conditions of Use


Mountain bike and BMX riding are dangerous recreational sports and all riders use this track at their own risk.

Report all incidents, emergencies, misuse or vandalism to Sydney Olympic Park Control Room on 02 9714 7700 or to 000.

  • This track is intended for BMX and Mountain bikes only
  • Motorised equipment of any kind is expressly prohibited
  • Use bikes only for their intended use
  • Bikes must be in good working condition and well maintained
  • Please respect this track and surrounds and keep the area clean and tidy at all times
  • Unauthorised track modifications are prohibited
  • The track will be closed to the public during official Club events and wet weather

Protective Equipment

Riders are required to wear appropriate safety equipment as indicated below:

Full-face helmet (this can be either motorbike or special lightweight BMX-type)
Gloves (motocross type)
Full skin-covering clothing (jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt)
Ankle-covering socks and joggers

BMX Bike – can be 16” for very young-uns, but generally 20”
Stripped of all add-ons except back brake
Tyres pumped up hard, chain tensioned and maintained
Seat down (so rider can stand over seat without it touching)
Handle-bars plugged, everything else in good service condition

Of course, you need to have all the proper gear before you can go on the track and race, but remember that the track is open to the public at all times except when the BMX Club is racing, so you can get on and practice any time you want.

Skatepark Rules - Conditions of Entry