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The Club


The BMX Club are a dedicated band of volunteers keen to promote and share their sport with the public. Contact them at for more information on how you can get involved.

Upcoming Club dates 2012

  • 14&28 October
  • 11&25 November

How a BMX Club Day runs...

The coaching clinic will run between 11-1pm. This coaching is provided to licensed BMX riders who have registered for the coaching clinic before the actual clinic. Entry forms are available on the club website in the “coaching” section.

Coaching will finish at 1pm. It is to be noted that the track is closed to all riders except those in the coaching clinic during the 11-1pm timeframe.

After 1pm the track becomes open to BMX licenced riders only … no licence, no ride. Also, riders must have the correct safety gear on both during the coaching clinic and afterwards in the general practice time from 1pm through to around 2.30pm.

General practice means that the track is open for all licensed riders to use the track to warm up and get ready for the afternoon’s racing.

From approximately 1pm until 2.00pm the administrative side of the afternoon gets underway. Sign-on is where (generally) parents show their licence, pay their money and enter their child in the afternoon’s racing.

Once that is all completed, the staging sheets for racing are printed and racing can commence.

Prior to commencement of racing there are the necessary safety checks that all workers are in place, that the track is safe for racing and that all riders are equipped correctly for racing.

Inclement weather

BMX runs in all kinds of weather, but generally club days are called off if it appears likely that there will be bad weather on the day.

CONTACT: 1902 260 501 (50c/min  – Telads. Higher mobile phones)
General Information
Call Neil Cameron on 0402 253 270