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iSkate Monster Academy Skateboard Program

About The Academy


iSkate Australia’s Skate Experience for young people promotes individual skill development in a professional, supportive and safe environment. We employ a variety of teaching strategies, styles, and curricular models to enhance physical fitness and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The iSkate Australia Skateboard program allows skaters of all levels of ability to participate. The program uses the i.S.k.a.t.e. Levels (see Levels) to assess skater ability and provide participants with a clear path of progression to improve their skateboard skills. Since the program started, over 8,500 skaters have participated in the iSkate Australia skateboard program!

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The i.S.k.a.t.e. Levels

The i.S.k.a.t.e. Levels have been created as a means to safely guide skateboard participants through the exciting skills of skateboarding. From beginner to advanced levels, skaters of all abilities will be challenged!

The i.S.k.a.t.e. Levels are a map that points out a clear and safe direction to take in skateboarding. The levels work well because at the same time skaters accomplish a skill, they are also preparing themselves for the challenges ahead.

Beginner skaters start with level i. Once they have successfully completed all the challenges in level i., they can then safely progress to level S. where they will find a whole new set of skills to accomplish before they can continue on to level k. (You starting to see how this works?) Skaters of greater ability are encouraged to directly enter levels a., t. and e. to become experts at some of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed for one to three skaters. During the private lesson, skaters are provided with personal one-on-one instruction. This personal skate experience ensures coaches provide continuous feedback which results in a fast learning curve!

Cost: $70 per hour ($20 for each additional skater) - must prebooked and in a Skate Session

1 Hour Group Lessons

Groups lessons are by far and away our most popular program. These lessons focus on improving the skills of all skaters within the group no matter what their level of ability. Based on a guided-discovery teaching model, the group lessons provide skaters with input from coaches and then the onus is on the participants to work on achieving their goals. Following the lesson, skaters are encouraged to practise their skills in the free skate session! Bring your own gear or we will provide what you don't have, the price includes skateboard, helmet, protective equipment*, and free skate session @ Monster and Pro Coach for 1 hour.

Cost: $30 or buy a pack of 5 for $250!!

*Please note: knee, wrist and elbow pads are provided for the lesson only.

The Black List (iSkate Development Night)

The Black List is for experienced skateboarders only! The Black List is for highly competent skateboarders to take their skills to the next level. Coached by professional skateboarders, with special guest Pro visits, the Black List provides an insight into the commitment and practise of professional skateboarders. Participants must be able complete all challenges in levels i., S., k. and a. of the i.S.k.a.t.e. levels. Please call the park to inquire.

Cost: $30 per night Casual Rate

$250 per term - Paid Upfront