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parental Info

Parental Information


Monster Skatepark is all about providing the best and most positive experience of action sports for you and your children. We welcome your questions and understand you may have quite a few… So, here’s some answers.

1. Can I come and watch my child at the skate park?

Yes, there are spectator areas provided by way of outdoor seating and viewing areas for all parts of the park. A spectator waiver must be signed to enter the park and is a condition of entry. This can be electronically signed at the Skatepark however it is preferred that this is signed in advance of your visit. You can click this link to complete your waiver.

2. Can I bring other children who are not using the ramps?

Yes, all children can come and watch but they must remain within the spectator areas. No spectators are allowed on the ramps. Spectator waivers must be signed by everyone entering the park and by a parent or guardian when those entering are under 18.

3. How much does it cost to watch?

Spectator entry is free of charge during normal park operations. Spectators wear a spectator wrist band to identify them as such. Some events at the park may charge an entry fee.

4. Is there somewhere for me to sit?

Yes, there designated spectator areas with tables and chairs.

5. Is there a café or food and drinks at Monster?

Monster has a fully functional CAFE with great Barista made coffee, freshly made pies, sausage rolls, hot chips, American style Hot dogs fresh wraps and salads, fruit salad and more plus there are food vendors located throughout Sydney Olympic Park.

6. Can we bring our own food to the park?

Yes, although no food and drinks can be consumed on the ramps.

7. Can I drop off my child at the park and pick them up at the end of the session?

This is each parent or carer's decision. Monster does not require parents to stay at the park and supervise children, however Monster is not a child care centre and does not take responsibility as such. Monster works in accordance with all Child Protection legislation in NSW.

8. If I drop the kids off, can they leave the skate park?

Monster is supervised but it is not responsible for the whereabouts of participants, meaning if a child chooses to leave the park, it is not Monster's responsibility. The park's toilets are located adjacent to the park at the Sports Halls, requiring participants to leave Monster skate park in order to use to the toilets inside the foyer of the Sports Hall (see map).

9. Is the skate park supervised?

Yes. Monster is supervised by specialised staff, who have Australian Sports Commission coaching accreditation, have gone through Child Protection checks and are trained in working with children. 

10. Can my children be taught to skate, inline, scooter and BMX at the park?

Yes. We run Ride with a Pro clinics every Saturday and Sunday morning and throughout school holidays (and for schools). These need to be pre-booked via the online SHOP or you can call 02 97637359. The clinics cater for all ability levels including beginners. Check our prices. One hour includes the use of a skateboard, inline skates or BMX bike, helmet, knee and elbow pads and shin/wrist guards. 

11. Do older youth use the park at the same time as younger children?

The park is open to all riders at all times.

The rules of the park require participants to respect one another and follow skate park etiquette, giving all participants the opportunity to have a turn on the ramps.

We recommend inexperienced younger riders become familiar with Monster and skate park etiquette via the Ride with a Pro clinics, which are run with kids of similar age and ability.

12. What happens if my child hurts themselves?

An injured participant will immediately be attended by our staff who will assess the situation.

Most injuries are superficial and do not require further attention.

If the injury possibly requires professional medical attention, another staff member will make contact with the parent or guardian via the emergency contact details provided on the waiver forms that have to be signed to gain entry to the park. If we are unable to make contact with a parent or guardian, we will exercise best judgment in the treatment of an injured child, however, would stress the importance of you providing correct emergency details for this purpose.

In the case of concussion the default protocol is for an ambulance to be called.

In any emergency situation, an ambulance will be called.