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Monster Skatepark is currently closed awaiting approval to reopen from the relevant authorities. Rest assured that Monster will reopen as soon as possible with the retail shop and outside ramps including the VERT ramp, Spine Ramp and mini street course. Further updates will follow when more information is available.

Please refer to the Monster Skatepark Facebook and Instagram to get more up to date information about the reopening.


Monster Academy Skateboard Program is designed for skaters of all ability levels. From first time skaters to ultimate skate devotees, ALL participants will be challenged during the iSkate Sessions.

Monster Academy sessions begin with the latest in falling techniques and safe skating practises. From there participants are asked to demonstrate fundamental skateboarding skills such as pumping and front side / back side kick turns. Depending on ability levels students are encouraged to reach new heights. This includes the vert wall on the MONSTER ramp! Students are then allocated to the iSkate levels.

The iSkate Levels have been designed to map a progressive set of skills that guide participants safely through primary skateboarding skills. Finally, sessions cool down with an Ollie workshop. Whether you are just learning to pop or are just so close to laying down a kick, heel, or tre flip, you are sure to have the support of an accredited iSkate instructor.

The Monster Academy Levels

The Levels work on guided self-discovery with an emphasis on safety, skill and supervision. Skaters will not only improve their skills but also learn key essentials such as safe falling techniques, gain in self confidence in a skate park environment and understand how to set and achieve goals.

The iSkate levels have been designed to ensureskaters of all ability levels will be challenged. From basic skills right through to competitive skating, the i.S.k.a.t.e levels have allowed skaters finally to see a clear and defined path in their skateboarding progression. First time skaters are given a professional inside perspective to the progressions of skateboarding. 6000 skaters can’t be wrong!